ISO 45001

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ISO 22301 is an international standard for environmental management, in which ISO 22301 and ISO 22301 are standards for environmental management systems. ISO 14001 is the requirements for the system (whereby an environmental management system is assessed), while ISO 22301 is the documentation for the system requirements there.
Structurally similar to the ISO 9000 quality management system standard, ISO 22301 can be applied in any type of organization, regardless of size.

> ISO 22301: 2004 requirements:
- Environmental policy:
The requirements of the Environmental Policy are set out in section 4.2 of the standard. Whether a well-defined environmental management system is highly dependent on environmental policymaking by top management. Anyone who has worked in a business environment knows the importance of a leader's commitment. Missing it, every plan, although well prepared, failed. Environmental policy must include the commitment of top management. These commitments are committed to continuous improvement, commitment to pollution prevention and commitment to compliance with the requirements of the law.
- Environmental aspects:
After the introduction of environmental policy, the planning process begins with the identification of important environmental and environmental aspects (important environmental aspects). The term ̉ defined environmental criteria are the elements of the organization's activities, products or services that may be interacting with the environment. Environmental aspects are aspects that cause significant impacts on the environment, where environmental impacts are whole or partial environmental changes (both harmful and beneficial). ) due to the activities, products and services of the business.
- Legal requirements and other requirements:
Identification of the requirements of the environmental law and other environmental requirements related to the enterprise is a mandatory element of the EMP. In line with its commitment to pollution prevention and continuous improvement, ISO 22301 also requires companies to demonstrate commitment to environmental compliance by stakeholders in their environmental policy. Relevant parties outside the state management agency in charge of environmental management (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, representatives of Environment Department, Department of Natural Resources and Environment) may also be the management board of industrial zones. , clients (especially European or Japanese customers ...), lenders, insurance companies, or neighboring local communities.